This innovative one-day symposium is designed as a platform for internationally recognised experts to discuss contemporary topics related to the management of aortic dissection. It will aim to foster scientific and  educational exchange amongst healthcare professionals interested in managing patients with aortic dissection.

The event stands out for its multidisciplinary approach, welcoming vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, allied healthcare professionals, and trainee colleagues. Featuring not only talks by world-renowned experts, the symposium also includes information on upcoming trials, encourages debate and
highlights real-life difficult to manage cases.


Tilo Kölbel
Professor of Vascular Surgery, University Medical Center Hamburg, German

Stéphan Haulon
Head of Department of Aortic and Vascular Surgery, Hopital Marie Lannelongue, Paris, France

Stephen Cheng
Professor of Vascular Surgery, University of Hong Kong

Barend Mees
Professor of Endovascular Surgery,Maastricht University Medical Centre

Cherrie Abraham
Professor of Surgery, Oregon Health Sciences University

PVIC has established itself as a premier interactive and educational platform for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding, share experiences, and refine their vascular techniques. PVIC 2024 continues this tradition, offering a carefully crafted curriculum that encompasses the latest developments in the field.

This year again the course has at heart to keep the participants abreast of the latest trends, studies and innovations in vascular world and In-Depth Exploration of Key Topics such as Aortic and Cardiothoracic pathology, Peripheral and Carotid arterial disease, AV access, Embolization and Venous Disorders. 

The course incorporates demonstrations, vascular skills practice and interactivity within hands-on sessions and industry-sponsored workshops to provide each participant personalised training.

Led by Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic and Stéphan Haulon, this course allows each attendee to receive high-value content with a focus on innovation, interactivity as well as networking opportunities.

This newly designed course has been developed to meet the needs of interdisciplinary healthcare practitioners working in partnership with people in relation to peripheral vascular disease (PVD), which encompasses both arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases

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